The more actual become an issue about the global energy crisis and climate change, the more intensive has been spoken about an use of renewable energy sources. One of the alternative energy sources is an use of biomass, including woodchips biomass. Nowadays the burning of woodchip biomass is an increasingly common method of creating energy, and it is also beneficial because it produces heat with less effect on the environment than fossil fuels. As there are quite many forests and wood in Latvia, it becomes more popular to use this „green energy”.

Also company SIA „Silavkrasti” has developed this idea  about green energy and in year 2004 started to produce woodchips. Nowadays we have become a competitive Latvian comany that provides a complate service in woodchips producing process. SIA „Silavkrasti”  produce both woodchips for energy, and tehnological woodchips that become a material for other timber products.

The woodchip production chain consists of many processes. Now the company SIA „Silavkrasti” can provide all of them. We has a thennical base that  allows us to  go for timber materials, chipping that with mobile chipper and to transport by vehicles complate woodchips to clients.